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st Davids Day


I'm sitting in the library at the moment and thought, I could just write u again...

I'm watching Prince of Tennis videos, haven't done that for ages, it's really nice to see them again.... greetings to Anna, Manu, Katja and Diana by the way...
Later, i'll go with Any to Cardiff, cos it's St Daivds Day today, so there'll be load going on... I think. And we will probabaly go to Borders... and there's this great shop, they've got amazing Converses at the moment... but not in my size... arrggghhh....

Anyway... my session will be over in a few minutes.... so I've gotta stop now

enjoy your weekend

love you, miss you

byebye Theresa

1.3.08 14:35


kinda bad news...


Oehm, ja.... ich glaub cih hab schechte nachrichten..... ich hab ja jetzt nen paar von euch erzaehlt, wann ich wiederkomme. Ich hatte naemlich nen Brief von ef bekommen und da stand drin, dass ich am 14. juni wieder kommen werde .... wenn ich aba exams nach dem 14. juni hab, ist mien flug am 28. juni. Eigentlich hiess es bei mir an der schule imma, dass ich, weil cih IB mache, keine exams habe. Das hat mir mein Oberstufenkoordinator auch bestaetigt am Freitag.... gestern ist er dann allerdings noch mal zu mir gekommen und meinte, dass es doch exams gaebe, das sind aba nur sogenannte "uebungs-exams", also quasi unoffiziell.... die finden vom 10.-20. juni statt. obwohl sie zu kinem abschluss fuehren, meinte er, sei es wahrscheinlich bessa, wenn ich sie mitschreibe... vllt ist es als uebung gar net mal so schlecht, hatte schliesslich das ganze jahr ueberkeine pruefungen....

das heisst, offizielles rueckkehrdatum von mkir ist jetzt der 28. juni!

hoffe euch gehts allen gut,

xxx love u miss u


28.2.08 11:46

Who's back??

Heya everybody!

I know, I would have had loads of time in half term to write you, but when I was in the library I found out that thre's a new DSDS season, so I was watchin that for about two hours. Or the last time I saw the special features of my Queen Of The Damned DVD (great movie--> watch it!) and of Velvet Goldmine (I wouldn't recommend that movie for everybody, u might be shocked ^^)... anyway... I'm sorry that I didn't write, but I defintily thought about you!!!!

So... half term... what did I do? I spent loads of time with Any, we were in the library (at least once the day the libarian said us to "keep the noise down".... but did you ever try not to laugh when u see mario barth or DSDS castings?). We also went to Cardiff: a bit of Shopping, I found a very nice Wales-shirt in New Look(-->great store), so I already know what I will wear on my flight back. What else did we do? We were at Starbucks ...  There are four or five Starbucks cafes in Cardiff, but I'm always going to that same one, which is close to the train station. AND... a very, very good reason for me to go there is tht I sometimes get free coffee (for example last thursday, when we were there b4 we went to the cinema)....

Well... anyway.... (you probably noticed that I love this word......)

Has any of you already seen the Jumper or National Treasure in cinema?? Great movies... really worth to see... Although the end of Jumper is a bit strange... it seems to be more in the middle of the movie, instead of the end.
Oh.. and i've been in National Treasure with Any and a friend of her's, Andrew. Actually Gabs wanted to come with us, but she said no last minute. It was quite... well... I think you could call it funny. But Andrew is just a bit strange. I know, I shouldn't say that, but he thinks (or says) the same about me, so it's okay... I think... we were writing on msn earlier on and had "a rather strange conversation". I have to admitt, that it must have been slightly confusing for him, coz I was writing from Any's account (she was sitting next to me), and he didn't know me yet.... It started a bit like: "Heyyy!" "Hi!" "I'm Theresa, you don't know me, but I know you" "Aaaaahhhhh..... I'm confused now..." Yeah... that was amusing....

Anyway, I gotta go to lessons now, I think I have history... speaking about the Treaty of Versailles...

love u, miss u, byebye

xxx Theresa

19.2.08 09:45

BRS rock!!!!!!

Heya everybody!!!

The gig yesterday was just amazing!!!! Unfortunately Gaby was ill and felt really bad, so she couldn't come me. Still, it was a great experience. Even the supports were one of the best live bands I've ever heard or seen: Imagine Pete Doherty with blonde hair absolutly freaking out!!! It was sooooooooooo ... I don't know.. it was just overwhelming!!!!

Yesterday I wrote an english essay and today, I'll have to finish off my history one... and then.... I've got free!!!!!! God, I love half term!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed Karneval,

xxx Theresa

5.2.08 14:10

I saw England!!!!!

Heya everybody!!!

Just wanted to add sth to my last entry: Last Monday, I was in Cardiff, because Elliot Minor were signing their new single there... God, that was soooo amazing!!! Anybody of you knows the band???    I hope so much, that I can go to a gig of them in april, I think that they're in Cardiff then...


Today, I've been to Barry Island with Annelie and a friend of hers, Andrew. It was quite windy and cold, so we didn't stay too long. After that we went to the library and that is were wqe are now...
I've also seen England over the sea

Tonight, I'm going to the gig and i'm really, really excited.... YEAH!!!!


So, I think I'm going home now.... Have a nice week-end,

love you, think of you,

byebye Theresa

2.2.08 16:29


How is everybody??
I'm still okay and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, coz I go on a small gig of the absolute great band Blood Red Shoes in a little club in Cardif!!! YEAH!!!

A few days ago, I finally got my creative writing essay back. Although I don't have an A, but an B, my english teacher said, that I definitly should write more stories, coz it was so good  . So I, think I will try a few new FFs... Anna, would u like to beta them???PLS!!!

This weekend, I've got to write a history essay: Why did Germany surrender at the end of WW1?
I never thought it would be so depressing to make all the resaerch for that topic...

After next week, I have half term, and actually it already starts at thursday, because we've got some kinda "inset days", what means the teachers go to school, but the students can stay at home...

On thursday, I will probably go to London with a friend... I'm really, really can't wait!!!!! *haaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyy*


well, anyway, I hope you're all okay...

Love you and think of you,

tara Theresa


1.2.08 18:25


Hello everybody!!

Oups, I almost didn't notice for how long I didn't write in here... sorry... That doensn't mean that I don't think about you!!!!
I was quite busy in the last few days, coz I had to give in a poetry portoflio with six poem illustrations and discussions. It's mnot like we wouldn't have had enough time, but on thursday, when we had to give it in, everybody was slightly tired and in the first lessons only a few showed up. I'm really, really happ yo hjave it finished now, although that doesn't mean that I don't have to wtrite any other stuff, the deadlines are coming closer and closer.
Anyway... It's not like I would only be working... not me^^ On Tuesday I was on a birthday, we were in an italian restaurant, it so funny... and when I fifnished this I go to another one... why is everybody's birthday in January???

Oh, and thanks very much for the letters, I promis I will write back!!! (as fast as possible)....

Well, that was it for now... I hope wou're all well... 'till next time (I try to make it a bit faster then...)

Byebye, love you,



19.1.08 13:14

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