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A lot happend, but I survived

Heya everybody!

Yeah, I know I haven't written for ages, so maybe first: I'm feeling really really good.
The little problem with Nina is solved. A few days after she came, EF had anyway a meeting, baceause in my area, Barry, and in the area around Hastings were some which had to be discussed. The whole thing ended in a phone call at Rita's on a Friday evening. Then, everybody had to talk with the head of EF, to say what we think about the situation in the house, if there r too many students or not. I dont want to say, that I was absolutly happy about spending a year in a house with six students, but I didnt claim that, coz i didnt want to send nina away. By the end of the day, Anne (my german hostsis) siad, that she would go,m although Rita siad, then when she would go, everybody except of Mohammed and Raka had to go, coz onlt these two are originallt signed in at hers. we sepnt the whole day in the cafe and the last conversation we had about who should go, seemed to be more and more like blaming Anne for everything. When we were back in the house, the whole when-anne-goes-everybody-has-to-leave stuff was taken back and in the end, we could all stay.
At the followng week-end Theresa, our EFcoordinator visited us, and asked if we really want to have all the students, considering, that it might be a lot more stressful in december and in exam-time. In the end, we kind of all said, that five would probably a lot more easy than six students. Nina said then, herself, that she would go.. after all, there was surely a family for her, the one she should go to originaly after she moved.
Actually, now everything's alright, it just makes me upset, that Nina completly ignores me in school. I know, that it's not easy for her, but I reali think it's better, for ALL of us, like this. And Mohammed doesn't speak that much to Anne, what is also a bit worring.

Anyway, I just still hope that this will get better and try not to freak out about it... like I would freak out about anything.... hihihi...

Do you remember that I told you about this book, Twilight (Bis(s) zur Morgenstunde)? I'm sure I told almost EVERYBODY around me about it. I recommended it to Annelie, who really liked it, and now she and Gaby are reading it (Gaby has my book, Anne has her own) and we are always talking and discussing about it... It's so great. It's absolutly fun ad next week-end we might do a Twilight/New Moon/eclipse Night. And when we've finished all of them (I've read each book around three times AT LEAST; and I've wrote an essay about it...) we think about doning the sme with Harry Potter, and then Lord of the rings, and then, and then......
I so love the two girls. Always when two of us are away, for example Gaby and me were at a Maroon 5 gig (it was just AWSOME, absolutly GREAT and AMAZING!!!!, great support as well: Dashpoint Confessional), we miss each other. Yesterday, the two were at a fashion show in Birmingham, and they told me, that they sometimes had to think about me, because I would have liked so many things there...

I can't belive how fast the time pasts... Last Sunday, it wa the 2nd advent... half-way to XMas... I already did most of my Christmas-shopping (I needed almost THREE days, last week-end and yesterday after school). I just need to get a lil bit 2day, but that won't last long. smorrow, I will send my parcel to my parents, then. In this parcel, there will be the presents for my family AND my friends. I hope, it's okay for Franzi (PLEASE!!!) to give the presents to the people then... or the nemaes are written ON the presents... because I can't manage it to write the letters till 2morrow, there will be another big letter, which I send in maybe a week, in which are all the letters then. I don't know yet, who will get the big letter, probablymy parents as well...


Today was a quite funny day:
First lesson: on the notice board was written: Mr Davis isn't in 2day. lesson without teacer is hardly possible... means: cancelled!!!! yeah!
Second lesson: I came to the class room: The teacer said: I just got informed, that I have to watch an exam, lesson is cancelled!!! double yeah!!!
Third lesson: History NOT cancelled, but we were quite silent, nobody was talking, exept of me sometimes... YES, I'm good in Hostory, did I tell you that I had the second best essay of the whole class? A seven again... sry for bragging...
Forth lesson: I was just on the wa to the room, there came two guys of my class: The lesson is cancelled... Trible YEAH!!!!!
And in about half an hour, I have french assistant lesson, what is quite realxing, but also annoying... I became so bad in french, I hardly can speak anymore...

Well, anything else to tell???Maybe that I write in english now, but I suppose you've already noticed that... Tell me if it's okay, if not, I can try it in German again.... but only if you ask me in an especially nice way... no, dot wori, just kiddding, if it's bothering you, I can change again...

Mh... just thought about, whatI did yesterday night... I just had supper in the cafe and watched a bit telly, then I noticed that Pearl Habor was on. Because Anne was shocked when I told her I've never seen it,  kept watching. Then, the two girls came home and we watched it together.. it was funny, we didn't finish it, so we couldn't cry about the sad end-scene, but as we were always making funny comments... yes, this movie can be VERY funny.. and strated suddenfly a discussion with MOhammed, why women don't go to the army and if we would go, blablabla, it was extremly amusing.

Well, I think, that's reali it not, hope you're all okay and don't miss me too much

talk to you l8r, tara,

love Theresa

12.12.07 13:45


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manu (26.12.07 10:33)
heya theresa.

oh man, wieso kannst du so oft zu so tollen konzerten gehen? ich darf jetzt endlich mal zu einem und weiß nichtmal, ob das klappt, weil nciht feststeht, ob es noch tickets gibt *flenn*

oh gott, ne harry potter nacht und ne herr der ringe nacht OHNE mich?????? bor!!!!! das müssen wir (du, anna, ich) UNBEDINGT nachholen!!!!!! *grummel*

nya, bis denn mal

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