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Soon, it will be Christmas...

Heya everybody!!

How r u all? Stressed because of Xmas? Hope u find time 2 relax.. just a bit.
I finished my xmas shopping about two weeks ago, so now, I can enjoy the xmas atmosphere...

School is more like a joke at the moment. The teachers dont even expect us 2 attent to the lessons, my history teacher honestly asked if we would come on friday (2morrow) , or if we plan 2 stay at home 4 the whole day... I actually had 1 lesson 2day.. well it wasn't reali a lesson, coz most of the ones in my class weren't in, so we watched a movie: ratatoillle (no idea, if it's written the right way).
Yesterday, I was at the sixth form Christmas Party. Before, I met with a few friends and then we took the train 2 town 2gether. At the train station, we met a few other guysfrom our school, who went there as well. it was ... let's say... amusing... 2 watch them being drunk and talking mostly bullshit. I think my friends and me were almost one of the only people at the party who were sober. But still, it was fun and we were dancing all night. Unfortunatly, the DJ extremly sucked, so it wasn't such a shame, that I had 2 leave wuite early 2 get back to Barry. (@Anna: It was a bit like the party of the THS we were on... remember???) 

Well, that's it, for now... enjoy Xmas, I will probably write before the 24th, at least 2 say merry xmas...

'Til next time... tara

love Theresa

20.12.07 18:28


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