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Who's back??

Heya everybody!

I know, I would have had loads of time in half term to write you, but when I was in the library I found out that thre's a new DSDS season, so I was watchin that for about two hours. Or the last time I saw the special features of my Queen Of The Damned DVD (great movie--> watch it!) and of Velvet Goldmine (I wouldn't recommend that movie for everybody, u might be shocked ^^)... anyway... I'm sorry that I didn't write, but I defintily thought about you!!!!

So... half term... what did I do? I spent loads of time with Any, we were in the library (at least once the day the libarian said us to "keep the noise down".... but did you ever try not to laugh when u see mario barth or DSDS castings?). We also went to Cardiff: a bit of Shopping, I found a very nice Wales-shirt in New Look(-->great store), so I already know what I will wear on my flight back. What else did we do? We were at Starbucks ...  There are four or five Starbucks cafes in Cardiff, but I'm always going to that same one, which is close to the train station. AND... a very, very good reason for me to go there is tht I sometimes get free coffee (for example last thursday, when we were there b4 we went to the cinema)....

Well... anyway.... (you probably noticed that I love this word......)

Has any of you already seen the Jumper or National Treasure in cinema?? Great movies... really worth to see... Although the end of Jumper is a bit strange... it seems to be more in the middle of the movie, instead of the end.
Oh.. and i've been in National Treasure with Any and a friend of her's, Andrew. Actually Gabs wanted to come with us, but she said no last minute. It was quite... well... I think you could call it funny. But Andrew is just a bit strange. I know, I shouldn't say that, but he thinks (or says) the same about me, so it's okay... I think... we were writing on msn earlier on and had "a rather strange conversation". I have to admitt, that it must have been slightly confusing for him, coz I was writing from Any's account (she was sitting next to me), and he didn't know me yet.... It started a bit like: "Heyyy!" "Hi!" "I'm Theresa, you don't know me, but I know you" "Aaaaahhhhh..... I'm confused now..." Yeah... that was amusing....

Anyway, I gotta go to lessons now, I think I have history... speaking about the Treaty of Versailles...

love u, miss u, byebye

xxx Theresa

19.2.08 09:45


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